Our Purpose

NLD is committed to exceeding the customer’s expectations by leading the distribution sector in California. NLD seeks to establish a market share that is meaningful and attractive to its partners. We are loyal to our brand partners and their personal goals in the industry. We are an extension of our partners to a fault. We believe in the importance of brand education and values.

Core values

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Our Brand Promise

NLD is positioned to be the most knowledgeable, professional, and friendly distribution service in California. We are committed to take ownership of all of our client’s products and provide a safe environment for transportation. Our drivers are thoroughly trained, brand educated, and courteous. Efficiency is maintained via our specific charted delivery instructions detailed in our custom IP technology. Our management team is active in account tracking and performance to ensure our customers are exclusively ranked at the top of our priority list. NLD is not satisfied with setting the current industry standard. We drive to continue raising the bar and maintain the edge as the preferred distributor of legal cannabis products in the State of California.

Equipment Used

NLD is strategically based in Lynwood, California. Our central location provides us quick accessibility to the entire Southern California market in addition to a viable transportation hub for hauls to the rest of the state. We utilize new delivery vans that are equipped with: Air Conditioning, driver communications, tracking, locked vaults, and regular service records. We use Salesforce IP technology to ensure accurate delivery information and order processing. Our facility is secure, compliant, and staffed 24 hours a day. We maintain tight records and security procedures for the safety of our products and team.

Services Offered

Our specific services are designed to help fulfill your exact needs. 

Catered to brands that currently have a solidified internal transportation infrastructure in place looking to utilize our Distribution License and inventory management capabilities. This includes Metrc administrative support by our experienced team. Our license is 100% adherent to the regulations of the Bureau of Cannabis Control, maintaining its integrity via our compliant property and proven operating procedures; including compliance with all new California law changes introduced in 2021. Inventory is stored in our zonal temperature-controlled inventory rooms. Our trained operations team maintains control of each brand’s inventory via thorough weekly physical inventory counts in addition to random internal inspections.

We offer an expansive infrastructure of transportation services to facilitate any wholesale delivery or product transfer. Our vans and drivers operate an efficient delivery schedule providing flexibility to accommodate any transfer guaranteed. Our general delivery time is 72 hours from the next available delivery opening. However, we can quickly accommodate late rushed orders and changes in time of need and provide solutions to logistical issues that may arise.

We have a leading in-house sales team led by our industry veteran, Vice President of Sales Ryan Johnson, offering brands opportunities to capture greater market share and expand their distribution. Northern Lights Distribution has invested in being the technology leader in the cannabis market by engineering a custom Salesforce Distribution Platform that incorporates Metrc into the system. This platform allows us to consolidate multiple, unrelated functions into a streamlined sales machine. Our Salesforce platform has a database of every licensed retailer in the state of California, including owners and buyers, and continues to expand. Brands can capitalize on the multiplier effect of introducing your brand’s products into our extensive menu, providing retail buyers a one-stop-shop for all of their category needs. In addition, opportunities our created for brands to open new accounts and reach new markets. A consultation with our sales team will quickly identify opportunities grow your brand. Our goal is to contribute to the growth of the brand’s we house. Our sales team can accelerate that growth in several facets including expert market analysis, merchandising, packaging, and brand strategy.

Product sourcing – We can fulfill your brand’s product needs for any position in the market utilizing our extensive network of cultivation sources and our experienced staff. Additionally,
we can handle all packaging and white-labeling needs. Please inquire about all of our manufacturing capabilities under our Type-7 manufacturing license. We can streamline your entire supply chain from cultivation to retailer through our consolidated business solutions.

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